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Date: 26th October 2016
SPECIFICATION:Used for AC single phase active energy measuring. Wall-mounted installation type, smart designDisplay type: mechanical counter, unit is kWh, record accumulated total active energy.Display range: 5+1, 6+1Accuracy active energy measuring, no need degugging for long time workSTANDARDS:According to IEC62053-11 standardAccording to IEC62053-21 standardFUNCTIONS:Total energy= positive active+negative active Indicate of reverse measuringDisplay data after power off (mechanical counter)Long type terminal designTECHNICAL SPEC.Reference voltage (Un):110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240VNormal work voltage: 80%~120%UnLimit work voltage? 70%~130%UnCurrent spec. Ib (Imax): 5(60)A, 5(100)A, 10(60)A,10(100)AReference frequency?50Hz, 60HzStarting current? 0.004IbConnection type choice: single phase two wires, L, L, N, NL,N,N,LImpulse constant?1600imp/kWhStandard level?1.0class,2.0classPower consumption of meter?<0.6WWorking life?not less than 10 yearsData store: data will always be stored after power off (mechanical counter)Impulse output: LED impulse, optical coupler outputimpulse width: 80?20ms Size of the appearance:?mm??180*118*59WORKING ENVOIRENMENT:Working temperature: -35?~70?Limit working temperature: -40?~80?Store and ship temperature: -40?~85?Relative humidity:?=<95%Atmospherie pressure?63kPa~106.0kPa?