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Date: 15th October 2016
Mainly used in single phase or three phase electronic energy meter, serving as current sampling tool or the current measuring tool for general industrial instruments and measuring control equipment. The secondary coil and magnetic core adopt vacuum epoxy sealed package, excellent waterproof and anti-seismic performance and good insulating property. The primary coil can use copper bar or copper wire for connection.Accuracy class can be chose: 0.1 class, 0.05 class.D type has the DC component sensing property; DC measuring has high accuracy, which satisfies the relative requirement of IEC61036 Energy Meter Standard. Note: Wire length and colors can be customized.Current SpecificationCurrent ??(input/output)Load ResistanceOperating FrequencyRatioAccuracy Class10?100?A/10mA10?25?50/60 Hz1000:10.05, 0.110?120?A/10mA5?60?A/2.5mA10?25?50/60 Hz2000:10.05, 0.110?60?A/5mA10?100?A/5mA10?120?A/5mA5?60?A/2mA10?25?50/60 Hz2500:10.05, 0.110?60?A/4mACurrent Error And Phase ErrorAccuracy ClassCurrent error?r ??%?phase error?????0.01In0.05In?Imax0.01In0.05In0.2In?Imax0.050.10.058420.10.20.11585DC Measure Accuracy (D type)??2.1%Other ParameterWithstand Voltage Of Primary &?Secondary4000VrmsIsolation Resistance?1000M??Testing Voltage:500VDC?Operating Temperature-50?+75?Stock Temperature-55?+85?Packing DataNet /pcs69g/pcspcs/CTN240pcs/CTNWeight/CTN?17.8KG/CTNCubage/CTN?